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What you need to organize a bar in the hotel

One of the most visited area in a hotel is its bar! You can get delicious food at home too, but drinks are something that you can only get in a hotel bar! It might also not be possible to enjoy the wine at home all alone, so lots o people hang out with their friends to a hotel bar and enjoy the wine and other drinks in each other's company. F you are organizing a hotel bar then it is your responsibility to ensure that not a drop of wine or other drinks gets wasted. Wine stoppers are going to be of great use here.

Wine no ways comes cheap and as a organizer of the bar, you can not afford to waste any of it either. At times it may be possible that you serve drinks from anew bottle and it is only consumed half or even less. Those half filled wine bottles needs to be taken care of as it can easily mix with the air outside and get spoilt within a few hours. Wine stoppers are used to prevent this. They can cork the bottle of the drink tightly and does not allow any air to pass in it. In this way the unused drink can be used for another 72-98 hours. That would be enough time them to get consumed!

But wine stoppers are not the only smart thing that you are going to use in the bar. You also need to use your common sense and serve the unused drink bottle first to the people as they are likely to get spoilt in the coming days. Keeping a check on the quality of the drink is also important because although you need no drinks to be wasted you also do not want to serve spoilt drink to the customer! So make sure that the drink that is being presented to the customers is being checked and approved before it reaches the hands of the customer. This is especially important when you are using an open bottle of wine or any other drink.

Finally you should be alert in a bar and ensure that no body drinks too much, if that happens that the chances of creating nuisance will be higher. Though you will have bouncers to handle him still it would be best if they are not required a the first place! So keep all these things in mind and you will become a successful hotel bar organizer!

Jim Brewer, a renowned hotel manager, provides advice on hotel bar organization and explains how wine stoppers work and how they can help you save money.

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