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How to plan a hotel restaurant menu

The success of a restaurant is highly associated with the food served there. To get things started you need to set up a menu of the things that are going to be served in a hotel restaurant. While preparing a hotel restaurant menu, do keep categorizing food items and dishes and making sure that you do not miss out any important category. Make separate menu for vegetarian and non vegetarian items. Only list the food items that you are going to prepare; t here is no point in mention everything when you can not serve half of them. This will not give a good reputation to the hotel restaurant. Also mention the special dishes and the ones that you expertise in making. These dishes can serve as the USP of the restaurant! So you need to consider all these points and apply them well in order to make a great menu for your hotel restaurant. One more important aspect you need to remember is that water filter installation will make the process of beverage and food preparation much easier. Clean water is the number one factor for restaurants and bars.

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