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Tips on Designing Hotels and Installing Newmarket Windows

In this article, you will find the most universal practical recommendations for all architects working on hotel projects and Newmarket window design.

1. Elevators

Elevators should be located only in direct visual communication with the reception. The elevator, going up from the garage, in hotels of the highest category stops in the lobby and does not go up higher. Thus, you can control access from the garage to the rooms. In extreme cases, you can make sure that the incoming elevators make an emergency stop in the lobby of the hotel. The hotel rooms located nearby or opposite to the elevator shafts, as a rule, are not very popular. Their inhabitants instinctively fear noise, and when they come in or out of the room they feel uncomfortable under the curious looks of the guests waiting for the elevator to arrive. To prevent such inconvenience, the elevator hall should be separated from the corridor.

2. Windows. Adhere to the necessary minimum

The area of a Newmarket window is almost 4 times more expensive than the same area of a deaf outer wall. Therefore, depending on the location and destination of the hotel, you should very accurately determine what should be the area of the Newmarket window in the room. In any case, it should not be more than necessary.

3. Windows in the interior corners of buildings. Use rationally

If Newmarket windows of the rooms in the interior corners of the buildings face each other at an angle of 90 degrees, then each window should be expanded by 22.5 degrees from the corner so that they form an obtuse angle of 135 degrees. Another solution: place the room directly in the corner ("Berlin room") and cut the corner at 45 degrees to place the window. Why? A single glance at the floor plan is enough to make sure that the interior corners of the building can be more rationally used for locating rooms there.

4. Heavy curtains are mandatory

It is desirable that the hotel curtains on the Newmarket windows have opaque color, in the cities - centres of international business with airports where guests need to get rid of the symptom of changing the time zone, they are simply necessary. Most interior designers take this into account, however, if the decorator saves 10 centimetres of fabric, there might be a gap between the curtains that cannot be closed, even with vigorous efforts. It is not recommended to use blinders to create a dim atmosphere in the room because, as experience shows, guests break them down very quickly.

5. Shower cabins.

There shouldn’t be any curtains in the shower cabins. This applies to hotels of all categories! In newly built or renovated hotels frameless full-glass shower cabins are installed. In first-class hotels, instead of glazing with the indelible decor, the simple transparent glass should be used. Of course, it requires intensive care, which can be alleviated by, for example, using special agents to cleanse the surface, contributing to the dripping of moisture droplets. Currently, shower cabins without pallets are popular among the architects. In addition to engineering and construction risks regarding sealing, these cabins require a lot of time and money for cleaning. The economic alternative is super flat pallets.

6. "Zests" of the hotel

Returning home, the guest should remember something about the hotel, even if it was just an ordinary hotel of the middle class. Think of one or more "highlights" that the guest will describe with pleasure, for example, you can ask a company doing replacement windows to come up with a unique windows design specially for your hotel.

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